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  Product Data Sheets for Implanter VSEA - All Systems
  Signet PN OEM Part or Reference PDS Description PDS
1001DA2F - 350DFilament Replacement KitPDS
1004A2F - 350DFilamanet Kit 1004PDS
1042-1E220 and E500One Piece Bernas Arc Chamber KitPDS
1043E200, E500 and E1000Filament Repl Kit E220/500/1KPDS
1044160-180XPBernas Conv. Kit - 160-180XPPDS
1087VIIsion�Modified Repeller KitPDS
1105VIIsion�Side Plate and Gas Feed TubePDS
1107E200/500 BernasFilament Replacement KitPDS
1110VSEA Graphite Repeller KitSignet Repeller AssemblyPDS
30-0094RVSEARebuilt Nude Ion Gauge tubePDS
3001Novelus 3180 and 3190 EquipmentTarget Replacement KitPDS
30-1012VIIsion� Series EquipmentEnhanced H V Source BushingPDS
30-1700VIISta� 810Block InsulatorPDS
30-4421VIISta� 810 and VIISion�Base PlatePDS
30-5000A2f. CF/DF, CF/DF3000,350D/DE & 300XPSignet Series 5000 Arc Chamb.PDS
30-5395-7CF/DF3000 - 350D/DE/XPGnd Elect. w Graphite Ion SlotPDS
30-5395BCF/DF3000 - 350D/DE/XPImproved Extraction AssemblyPDS
30-5395TCF/DF3000 - 300XPElectrode Alignment ToolPDS
30-6042VSEA and Axcelis Implanters3/8 X 3/8 Standoff and ShieldPDS
30-6609120-10, 160-10 and 180-10Filament Feed Rod, EnhancedPDS
30-6930E200/500 BernasFilament Clamp. ImprovedPDS
30-8271E200/500 bernasInner Filament InsulatorPDS
30-9240VIIsion�Improved Filament PostPDS
30-9746120-10, 160-10 and 180-10Filament ConnectorPDS
30-G0020VIIsion� Series EquipmentBeam Line Shielding KitPDS
31-5391-3A2F, CF/DF3000 and 350DBernas Conversion KitPDS
32-5393A2f - 350D Ref.Filament Connector Rod, Imp'dPDS
33-41633180 and 3190Anode CapPDS
33-rings3180, 3190 and 3290 EquipmentCeramic RingsPDS
37-2559VSEA - E200, E500 and E1000E500HP BushingPDS
37-5395ACF/DF3000, 350D/DE & 300XPGround Electrode w Pivot PinPDS
75-41730-3Kestrol 1500 Series EquipmentReplaceable Apt Genus 1510PDS
MultipleVSEA E SeriesE Series Graphite PNsPDS
MultipleVSEA GenusGenus Graphite PNsPDS
MultipleVIIsion� Series EquipmentV Series Graphite PNsPDS
MultipleGraphite Parts Medium Current EquipmentVSEA Med Cur Graphite PNsPDS
MultipleSignet FilamentsSignet Bernas Filaments VSEAPDS
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