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  Product Data Sheets for VSEA 350 Series Systems
  Signet PN OEM Part or Reference PDS Description PDS
1001DA2F - 350DFilament Replacement KitPDS
1004A2F - 350DFilamanet Kit 1004PDS
30-5395-7CF/DF3000 - 350D/DE/XPGnd Elect. w Graphite Ion SlotPDS
30-5395BCF/DF3000 - 350D/DE/XPImproved Extraction AssemblyPDS
30-5395TCF/DF3000 - 300XPElectrode Alignment ToolPDS
30-5796A2F, 350D\DE and CF\DF3000Outer Waveguide Liner Assy EnhancedPDS
30-6042VSEA and Axcelis Implanters3/8 X 3/8 Standoff and ShieldPDS
32-5393A2f - 350D Ref.Filament Connector Rod, Imp'dPDS
37-5395ACF/DF3000, 350D/DE & 300XPGround Electrode w Pivot PinPDS
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