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Parts List for VSEA A2F, CF4, DF4, CF5 & DF5 Systems
A small picture following the Signet part number is a link to the Part Picture page. 
A "DWG" Following the PIC Column indicates a link to a Drawing of the Part or Assembly. 
A "KIT" Following the Part Description indicates it's a Kit and is a link to the Kit Parts List Page
A "PDS" at the far right is a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.

Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.

The initial list is in OEM part number Sequence, use the up arrows up arrow image before the Signet
Part Number or OEM Part Number to re-sort the list.
up arrow OEM PN Picture DWG u arrow Signet Part # Part Description KIT PDS
0493000137-0493Electrode Feedthrough Assy.
0572-K7360-300137-5319Ion Gauge Tube, 1" GlassPDS
0695500137-6955Pivot PinPDS
0713900137-7139Connector, 1/8T X 1/8 NPT
0714000137-7140Arc Chamber Support Plate
07140001 Ref.30-7140Arc Chamber Support Plate, DualPDS
0714200137-7142Seal Bearing
0714500137-7145Heat Shield
0714900137-7149Support Tube
07151001 Ref.37-7151AG. Electrode w/Pivot Pin installed
07151001 Ref.37-7151-1Extraction Assembly w/Pivot Pin
0715500137-7155Copper Clamp
07155001 Ref.30-7155Stainless Steel Clamp
07155001 Ref.47-7155Silver Clamp
07159001 Ref.47-7159Silver Connector Strap
0726900137-7269Feed through Shaft
0777600137-7776Spacer Insulator
0831300137-8313Support Plate Spacer
0831400137-0314H.V. Electrode Spacer
0831500137-8315Electrode Support Plate
08484001 Ref.30-8484Ion Source, DF4 Series
0848500137-8485Filament Feed Rod
0848600137-8486Compression Collar
0848800137-8488Filament Insulator Insert
0849300137-8493Support Plate
0849400137-8494Gas Feed Tube SST
08494001 Ref.31-8494Gas Feed Tube, Enhanced
0849500137-8495Back Plate
0850000137-8500Cover, Blank
0888300137-8883Filament Insulator
0919200137-9192Hitch Pin Clip
0919205050-9192Hitch Pin Clip, pkg. of 50
0935100137-9351Arc Chamber End Cap
1004D1004DFil. Replacement Kit, in plastic bagKIT
10120000137-1200Retaining StudPDS
1094180011001DFil. Replacement KitPDS
121120600803-1A5010-32 X 1/2 SFH
123111061403-60876-32 X 7/8 SHC
123111601203-107510-32 X 3/4 SHC
123120040603-40374-40 X 3/8 SHC
123120060403-60256-32 X 1/4 SHC
123120060803-60506-32 X 1/2 SHC
123120080803-80508-32 X 1/2 SHC
1231200808 Ref.00-80508-32 X 1/2 SHC Thread Vented
123120140803-30501/4-20 X 1/2 SHC
123620041003-47624-40 X 5/8 BH
123620060803-67506-32 X 1/2 BH
123620080803-87508-32 X 1/2 BH
131220080003-8N008-32 Hex Nut
141220060003-6W00Washer #6, Flat
142111100003-1WS0#10 Washer, Split
254220437-2204O-Ring, Viton (R) /02-1204
254223037-2230O-Ring, Viton (R)
254234837-2348O-Ring, Viton (R)
255302437-3024Shaft Spacer, 1/4"I.D.
255306237-3062Collar, 1/4"I.D.
255307437-3074Collar, 3/8"I.D.
280803837-803810-32 X 1 1/2 inch Threaded Rod
280806737-80671/4-20 X 1-1/2 Inch Brass Threaded Rod
280809237-8092SHC 6-32 X 1/4 Screw, Ta
286508637-5086Ceramic Standoff
286600137-6001Standoff, 3/8D X 5/8L, 6-32
286600737-6007Standoff, 1/2D X 5/8L, 8-32
286604237-6042Standoff, 3/8D X 3/8 L,6-32
2866042 Ref.30-6042Standoff, C/B 3/8D X 3/8L, 6-32PDS
530001937-5319Ion Gauge Tube, 1" GlassPDS
609500537-5005Tantalum Wire, .030" Dia. per Foot
E5900000337-6042Standoff, 3/8D X 3/8 L,6-32
F141300137-1413Screw, Processed
F141305050-1413Screw, Processed, pkg. of 50
F201400137-2014High Voltage ElectrodePDS
F251800137-2518TC Vacuum Gauge Tube
F471400137-4714Arc Chamber
F4714001 Ref.30-4714Arc Chamber, w/o Solid Source Inlet
F4714001 Ref.30-5004A/C Front Plate (4714)
F538800150-7159Copper Strap Kit, 10 each Size
F5392001 Ref.30-5000AMain Body with Solid Source Inlet
F5392001 Ref.30-5000Arc ChamberPDS
F539300137-5393Fil. Con. Rod w/Processed ScrewPDS
F5393001 Ref.32-5393Mo Fil. Con. Rod w/Ta ScrewPDS
F5393001 Ref.21-1396-1Retainer s/s w/4-40 MoS2 Screws
F540300137-5403Graphite Defining AperturePDS
N/A03-6TN0Knurled Thumb Nut 6-32
N/A1049A/C Conversion Kit (4714)KIT
N/A1010Major Source KitKIT
N/A1004Filament Replacement KitKITPDS
N/A37-10932Hex Balldriver Kit, Model BLX 8
N/A30-0025-18-32 X 1/4 Thumb Screw, Ta
N/A1101Filament Replacement KitKIT
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