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2800 MOCVD Tool
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Signet Part Nbr
2800G4-R Moly Pin, 11 mm53-0004
400016374Clamping Plate, Shutter Mounting, Moly52-4050
40017509Shield, Robot G4 (Moly)53-3061
40021103Supporting Disc Pin for 2800G4 opaque52-1103
40021131Quartz Ring, opaque52-1742
40021672Diffusion Barrier, QRTZ MPM 12453-9862
400217912800 Ehaust Connector, quartz53-1791
40021945AX2800 Support Tube, Quartz53-9861
40021949Quartz Tube, opaque 53-1949
40150874 Retaining Plate, 280053-0874
40150883164mm End Effector , AL53-4676
41020371AX2800 Support Disc, Quartz53-9863
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