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Parts List for Applied Materials 9500 Series Systems
A small picture following the Signet part number is a link to the Part Picture page. 
A "DWG" Following the PIC Column indicates a link to a Drawing of the Part or Assembly. 
A "KIT" Following the Part Description indicates it's a Kit and is a link to the Kit Parts List Page
A "PDS" at the far right is a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.

Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.

The initial list is in OEM part number Sequence, use the up arrows up arrow image before the Signet
Part Number or OEM Part Number to re-sort the list.
up arrow OEM PN Picture DWG u arrow Signet Part # Part Description KIT PDS
0020-2011472-0114Insulator, DC Bias
0020-8003772-80037Pre Defining AperturePDS
0020-80071 Ref.70-0071Anticathode, Moly
0020-8062772-80627PFS Arc ChamberPDS
0020-8063272-80632Side Guide Tube Shield 1PDS
0020-8063372-80633Side Guide Tube Shield 2PDS
0020-8063472-80634Top Guide Tube ShieldPDS
0020-8063572-80635Bottom Guide Tube ShieldPDS
0020-8063772-80637EPG3 AperturePDS
0020-8063872-80638EPG2 AperturePDS
0020-8122472-81224Arc ChamberPDS
0020-8213572-82135Filament, Bernas
0020-8216372-82163Nozzle - AntimonyPDS
0020-8216472-82164Liner Base, Tungsten w/ gas inlet hole
0020-8342572-83425Ground ElectrodePDS
0020-83425 Ref.70-83425Ground Electrode, Large Dual Slot ImpregPDS
0020-8397472-83974Mounting Suppression Electrode PDS
0020-8421972-84219Front Plate, Half, GraphitePDS
0020-8452272-84522Mounting, Ground ElectrodePDS
0020-8452372-84523Electrode SuppresionPDS
0020-84523 Ref.70-84523Suppression Elect, Lgr. Dual Slot ImpregPDS
0020-8507472-85074Sleeve, Blank, Arc Chamber - Graphite
0020-8769872-87698Plate CoverPDS
0020-8788572-87885Post MRS SlitPDS
0020-92710 Ref.70-92710Enhanced Faraday CupPDS
0020-93489 Ref.70-3489Tung. Wire Coil .290" ID 1.7"L
0020-9510472-95104Beam StopPDS
0020-9842072-98420Aperture PlatePDS
0020-9864972-98649Pre MRS SlitPDS
0020-9869672-98696Pre Defining Aperture HolderPDS
0020-9880772-98807Shield GraphitePDS
0020-9883772-98878Inner InsertPDS
0020-9887772-98877Outer InsertPDS
0020-9887972-98879Neutral InsertPDS
0020-98960 Ref.70-98960Liner, End with Pin
3310-010472-0104Ion Gauge TubePDS
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