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The following Parts are available from Signet Products for the

Emcore D180 MOCVD Tool
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Signet Part Nbr
Heating Element Set .015" Rhenium50-0145
Heater Separator D180, AL9950-3326AL
D180 Elect Buss Bar, KIT5133
Top Heat Shield, (more holes) W50-3323
Ceramic Spacer, D180, AL9950-6E01AL
Heater Support, D180, AL9950-3327AL
Heating Filament Inner, Rhenium50-0147
D180 Ceramic Spacer, Large, AL9950-9E01AL
Connecting Rod 3.4IN, Heater, D-18051-4434
D180 Heater Rebuild Kit, Low Temp5110KIT
Shield, D-180, 0.030"Moly51-6950
Spindle D180 Moly51-0104
1003323D180 Heater Inner, AC Graphite coated50-0400
1011431D180, Spindle,TZM OR MOLY50-0103
1003320Arbor Screw, TZM, 4-40 X .3 Flat Hd50-0430
1003322D180 Graphite Outer Heater, AC coated 50-0401
1003324Heat Shield, Top D-180, Signet Moly51-3324
1003325Heat Shield Base, Mo51-3325
1003326Heater Separator D180, HBN50-3326
1003327Heater Support, D180, HBN50-3327
1003328Nut Cup GaN Heater, BN50-3328
1003329D180 Buss Bar , Outer 2pc51-3329
1003330D180 Elect Buss Bar, inner 2 pc51-3330
1004473Spacer Nut 4-40 2 flats .270th, Moly 50-4473
10048272-56 Moly Nut .07th.2 Flats50-4827
10048284-40 Moly Spacer, Nut .20th 50-4828
1005628Susceptor aerated, TZM50-5628
1007541Heater Support GaN, BN50-7541
1007542Base Heat Shield, W50-3325
1007560Top Heat Shield, (less holes), W50-3324
1019383Heating Filament Outer, Rhenium50-0146
1084220-100210-32 X 5/16 SHCV AG Plated01-1031S
5023E01Moly Nut, D18050-3E01
5335E01Moly Standoff 50-5E01
5346E01Ceramic Spacer, D180,HBN50-6E01
5348E01D180, Nut, 4-40 .09th, Oval, Moly50-8E01
5349E01 D180 Ceramic Spacer, Large, HBN50-9E01
5350E01Ceramic Bushing 1/4" D- Standoff, HBN50-0E01
5388E01Suseptor, Moly, D18050-88E01
8032E01Thermocouple, Type R, 8"50-2E01
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replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.
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