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We provide many improved Signet designed Arc Chambers which give better performance or lower operating cost and often both. We also provide direct replacements for many OEM Arc Chambers at competitive prices.
Signet Arc Chamber
This photo is of a Signet 7000 Arc Chamber Assembly used in VSEA E220 and E500 Implanters. We can provide complete assemblies as well as any of the parts.
  A List of Arc Chamber Parts and Assemblies  
  A "PIC" following a Signet part number indicates a link to our picture page.  
  A "PDS" for a part indicates a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.  
  Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.
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OEM OEM PN PIC arrrow Signet Part # Part Description PDS
1042One Piece Bernas Arc Chamber Kit
1042-1One Piece Bernas Arc Chamber KitPDS
1042-2One Piece Bernas Arc Chamber Kit
1042-5One Piece Bernas Arc Chamber Kit
VSEA AMAT1701469030-3692Arc Chamber Top Plate
VSEA AMATF4714001 Ref.30-4714Arc Chamber, w/o Solid Source Inlet
VSEA AMATF5392001 Ref.30-5000Arc ChamberPDS
VSEA AMATH5108001 Ref.30-5108Arc Chamber Body, Plugged
VSEA AMATF5392001 Ref.30-5392Arc Chamber, w/o Solid Source Inlet
VSEA AMAT07140001 Ref.30-7140Arc Chamber Support Plate, DualPDS
VSEA AMATF9739001 Ref.30-9739Arc Chamber, Plugged
VSEA AMATE1701467037-1467Arc Chamber End Plate
VSEA AMATE1701469037-1469Arc Chamber Top Plate, Mo
VSEA AMATE1701471037-1471Arc Chamber Side Plate
VSEA AMATE1701472037-1472Arc Chamber End Plate Shield
VSEA AMAT10148000137-1480Arc Chamber Front Plate
VSEA AMATE1712444037-2444End Plate, Arc Chamber - W
VSEA AMATE1711266237-2662Arc Chamber Top Plate - W - VIISta
VSEA AMATF4714001PIC37-4714Arc Chamber
VSEA AMATH510500137-5105Arc Chamber Front Plate
VSEA AMATH510800137-5108Arc Chamber Body
VSEA AMATF539200137-5392Arc Chamber
VSEA AMATE1706175037-6175Cover, Arc Chamber, Bernas
VSEA AMAT0714000137-7140Arc Chamber Support Plate
VSEA AMATE1707700137-7700Hook, Arc Chamber
VSEA AMAT09351001PIC37-9351Arc Chamber End Cap
VSEA AMATF973900137-9739Arc Chamber
VSEA AMATF974000137-9740Arc Chamber End Cap
VSEA AMATF974300137-9743Arc Chamber Support Plate
Axcelis0843-0007-2001 Ref.40-0843Arc Chamber End Cap
Axcelis1717481 Ref.40-1748SArc Chamber Front Plate Shim
Axcelis17386180 Ref.40-6181Arc Chamber Enhanced moly
40-6187Arc Chamber Enhanced, WPDS
Axcelis170008960 Ref.40-8960Arc chamber Mount
Axcelis1704990PIC44-0499Arc Chamber Side Plate
Axcelis170500044-0500Arc Chamber Rear Plate
Axcelis170503044-0503Arc Chamber Mount
Axcelis170644044-0644Arc Chamber End Plate Shield
Axcelis0843-0007-200144-0843Arc Chamber End Cap
Axcelis170867044-0867Arc Chamber End Plate
Axcelis0896-0005-400144-0896Arc Chamber
Axcelis0897-0034-000144-08974Arc Chamber, HT
Axcelis0897-0041-000344-089741Arc Chamber, Mo, ELS, 8250
Axcelis0897-0034-000244-08974XArc Chamber, HT, Dual Feed
Axcelis171748044-1748Arc Chamber Front Plate
Axcelis112758044-2758Arc Chamber, Complete Assembly
Axcelis1712759044-2759Arc Chamber, Moly
Axcelis1713331044-3331Arc Chamber W ELS/VAE
Axcelis1713340044-3340Arc Chamber Moly ELS/VAE
Axcelis17S343244-3432Arc Chamber Front Slit
Axcelis4710-0070-000144-4710Mount, Arc Chamber
Axcelis17048870PIC44-4887Arc Chamber Front Plate
AxcelisE17000895044-8950Arc Chamber Mount
Axcelis0897-0033-000144-8973Arc Chamber, SKM
Axcelis0897-0033-000244-8973XArc Chamber, SKM, Dual Feed
Axcelis1789810PIC44-8981Arc Chamber End Plate
Axcelis1789870PIC44-8987Arc Chamber Mount
Axcelis1735961044-9610Arc Chamber W ELS/VAE
Axcelis17B470144-B4701Arc Chamber Rear Plate
Axcelis17D888044-D8880Arc Chamber, W, LED III
Applied Matl.0020-9493072-4930Arc Chamber Front Plate
Applied Matl.0020-8062772-80627PFS Arc ChamberPDS
Applied Matl.0020-8122472-81224Arc ChamberPDS
Applied Matl.0020-8507472-85074Sleeve, Blank, Arc Chamber - Graphite
Applied Matl.0020-9494072-94940Arc Chamber, Graphite - CFOPDS
VSEA AMAT4244600 Ref.75-42446Arc Chamber, ModifiedPDS
75-45318Arc Chamber, ModifiedPDS
VSEA AMAT45318-0076-45318Arc Chamber
Ulvac 82-0100Arc Chamber, Moly
UlvacPIC83-0100Monolithic Signet Enhanced Arc Chamber
  A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates a Signet improved design replacement part related to the referenced OEM part.
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