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Novellus 3290 PVD Tool
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Oem Part Nbr Part Description Part Image uparrow
Signet Part Nbr
00-678214-00Shield Press Plate Cavity Alum33-8214
00-678215-00Shield Press Plate Cavity Alum33-8215
00-678216-00Shield Press Plate Cavity Alum33-8216
00-678506-01Shield Outer33-8506-01
00-678507-01Shield Inner33-8507-01
00-680239-01Shield Ground33-0239-01
04-712094-00Source Assy P/P L/L Ram33-712094
04-712159-00Source Assy L/L ram33-712159
04-712188-00Source Assy L/L ram Center33-712188
04-714075-01Insert, Clip Ring33-4075
04-715839-01Shield Front Plate Heater Bore33-5839-01
04-715865-02Shield, Cavity, 6"33-5865
04-715893-01Shield, Cavity PP 4"33-9301
04-718928-02Shield Press Plate Cavity 6"33-8928-02
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  A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.
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