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Parts List for Novellus 3180/3190 & 3280/3290 Systems
A small picture following the Signet part number is a link to the Part Picture page. 
A "DWG" Following the PIC Column indicates a link to a Drawing of the Part or Assembly. 
A "KIT" Following the Part Description indicates it's a Kit and is a link to the Kit Parts List Page
A "PDS" at the far right is a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.

Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.

The initial list is in OEM part number Sequence, use the up arrows up arrow image before the Signet
Part Number or OEM Part Number to re-sort the list.
up arrow OEM PN Picture DWG u arrow Signet Part # Part Description KIT PDS
00-664198-0133-4198Anode CoverPDS
00-664219-0033-664219Shield, Pressure plate cavity, 4"
00-672057-0033-2057Wafer Clips, pkg. of 20PDS
00-673816-0033-3816Shield, ConMag Combo
00-673940-0033-39404-40 X .125 SHC pkg of 20
00-673941-0033-3941Set Screw 4-40 x 1/4 pkg. of 20
00-673943-0033-394310-32 x 5/16 HH, Pkg of 20
00-674163-0033-4163Anode CapPDS
00-674493-0133-4493Spring, pkg. of 10
00-674494-0133-4494Spring Retainer, pkg. of 10
00-674505-0033-4505Ceramic Clip Ring, 4 inchPDS
00-674782-0033-4782Ceramic Clip Ring, 5 inchPDS
00-677895-0133-7895Shield, for Ceramic Ring 4"
00-682203-0033-2203Cooling Ring Support, Ceramic
00-682216-0033-2216Ceramic Clip Ring, 6 inchPDS
00-684046-0033-4046Turner WasherPDS
00-684648-0033-4648Key, Shutter
00-684718-0033-684718Heater shield, 4"
00-684748-0033-47485 Inch Heater Shield
00-685403-0033-5403Clamp Weldment, Shutter
00-685485-0033-5485Shutter ConMag, Al
00-685903-0033-685903Shield, heater table, 4"
04-706863-0233-6933Leaf Clip, Each
04-709045-0233-90452RF Shoulder Screw, Vented
04-709559-0233-1240Strap, Clip, Thrd'd
04-712209-0233-2209Screw ShieldPDS
04-712210-0133-1221Modified Screw, SocFH 10-32 X 3/8 PDS
04-712210-02 Ref.33-1221WModified, SocFH 10-32 X 3/8 WS2PDS
04-714075-0133-4075Insert, Clip Ring
04-715251-0133-1239Strap, Clip, Stop Each
04-716629-0133-6629Shield, Dark Space
04-717629-0133-7629Double Filament Assy.
04-717629-01 Ref.30-7629Filament Assy, 4 1/2 Long
11-652004-04 Ref.33-0404W4-40 X 1/4 Cone Point Set, WS2
12-600024-0001-103710-32 X 3/8 SHC Center Vented
12-752060-0503-133110-32 X 5/16 HH
27-229705-0033-5641Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, 1 inch GlassPDS
27-229907-0037-0531TC Vacuum Gauge Tube
27-459656-0033-9656Seal, Four Lobed
27-459657-0033-9657Seal, Four Lobed
953-001733-0017Bellows Seal, 1 5/8 ID
N/A33-0050Tool, .050 hex drive
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