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1234567890123 Signet Apertures for Arc Chambers  
Signet supplies many different cost saving Aperatures and Slit Plates for Arc Chambers.
  Replacing the slit plates extends the Aperture life.  
Apperture and plate
  A List of our Signet Products Arc Chamber Apertures  
  A "PIC" following a Signet part number indicates a link to our picture page.  
  A "PDS" for a part indicates a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.  
  Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.
  Sort Sequence - Use the up arrows up arrow image before the OEM Part Number and Singet Part Number to re-sort the list.  
OEM OEM PN PIC Signet Part # Part Description PDS
VSEA AMAT101480001 Ref.30-1480Aperture for 30-1480-1 Front Plate
VSEA AMAT101480001 Ref.30-1480-1Front Plate for 30-1480 Aperture
VSEA AMATE17014691 Ref.30-4691SReplaceable Aperture, W
30-50010Front Plate for 30-5010 Aperture
VSEA AMATF5392001 Ref.30-5009Front Plate for 30-5010 Aperture
VSEA AMATF5392001 Ref.PIC30-5010Aperture for 30-5009 Front Plate
VSEA AMATE17061750 Ref.30-5017Front Plate, Bernas for Aperture
30-5403Defining Aperture, Mo
30-7009Front Plate for Aperture
30-7010AWAperture, W
30-8002Aperture, 0.150 DIA
30-8002AAperture, 0.145 DIA
31-4691Top Plate for Aperture, W
VSEA AMATE1706253037-2530Aperture, EntrancePDS
VSEA AMATE1706253137-2531Aperture, Entrance w\ACPDS
VSEA AMATE1702659037-2659Defining AperturePDS
VSEA AMATH726900137-2690Quad Lens AperturePDS
VSEA AMATE1702304137-3041Aperture, Source HousingPDS
VSEA AMATE1702304237-3042Aperture, Source Housing /ACPDS
VSEA AMATE1708313037-3130Aperture, Source ExitPDS
VSEA AMATE1708313137-3131Aperture, Source Exit /ACPDS
VSEA AMATE1713520037-35202ed Ground, Aperture, Lens 1
VSEA AMATF519200137-5192Liner, Aperture PlatePDS
VSEA AMATE1713520037-52002ed Ground, Aperture, Lens 1
VSEA AMATE1713520137-52012ed Ground, Aperture, Lens 1 w/AC
VSEA AMATF540300137-5403Graphite Defining AperturePDS
VSEA AMATE1708547137-5471Electrode, Aperture
VSEA AMATE1708547237-5472Electrode, Aperture w/AC
VSEA AMATE1713696037-6960Ground, First, Aperture, Lens
VSEA AMATE1713696137-6961Ground, First, Aperture, Lens\AC
VSEA AMATE1713697037-6970Aperture High Energy Lens #2PDS
VSEA AMATE1713697137-6971Aperture High Energy Lens #2 /ACPDS
VSEA AMATE1712785037-7850Aperture #2 - Ground LensPDS
VSEA AMATE1712785137-7851Aperture #2 - Ground Lens /ACPDS
VSEA AMAT28800237-8002Aperture, 0.210 DIA
VSEA AMAT0828200137-8282Aperture SlitPDS
VSEA AMATE1708975037-8975Aperture, DefiningPDS
VSEA AMATE1708975137-9751Aperture, Defining /ACPDS
VSEA AMATE1707988037-9880Aperture, Dual
Axcelis1717480 Ref.40-6013Replacement Aperture for 40-6014
40-6013A.040 Aperture for 40-6014A FP
Axcelis1717480 Ref.40-6014Front Plate for 1748 Aperture
40-8001AFront Plate, f/aperturePDS
40-8005Aperture, Replacement
40-8009Front Plate, f/aperturePDS
40-9739-36000 series Front Plate f/Aperture
PIC40-9739-4WReplaceable Aperture, W
Axcelis1711319044-1319Aperture 70 degree Magnet w/ACPDS
Axcelis1711541044-1541Aperture Faraday Support, Linac w/ACPDS
Axcelis171795044-1795Beam AperturePDS
Axcelis1706199144-1991Aperture Quad Exit w/ACPDS
Axcelis1713161044-3161Defining Beam AperturePDS
Axcelis1703772044-3772High Voltage AperturePDS
Axcelis1711593044-5930Plate Aperture, Linac VGPDS
Axcelis1709851144-9851Source Housing Exit Aperture /ACPDS
72-04656Aperture Plate Leap 2PDS
Applied Matl.0020-8003772-80037Pre Defining AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-8063772-80637EPG3 AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-8063872-80638EPG2 AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-8486772-84867Guide Tube AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-8496472-84964Aperture PlatePDS
72-85420Aperture,2, Pre-FocusPDS
Applied Matl.0020-8542172-85421Pre-Focus AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-9270972-92709Frame, Resolving AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-9300272-93002Fixed AperturePDS
Applied Matl.0020-9422372-94223Aperture ResolvingPDS
Applied Matl.0020-9842072-98420Aperture PlatePDS
Applied Matl.0020-9869672-98696Pre Defining Aperture HolderPDS
VSEA AMAT4173000 Ref.75-41730-3Replaceable AperturePDS
75-41730-4Replaceable Aperture, .333PDS
VSEA AMAT441020076-44102Charge Exchange AperturePDS
VSEA AMAT441050076-44105Aperture, Small Cell - OvenPDS
VSEA AMAT441060076-44106Aperture, Exit, OvenPDS
VSEA AMAT441070076-44107Collector Cup AperturePDS
  A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates a Signet improved design replacement part related to the referenced OEM part.
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