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Parts List for Axcelis NV10-80 & NV10-16 Systems
A small picture following the Signet part number is a link to the Part Picture page. 
A "DWG" Following the PIC Column indicates a link to a Drawing of the Part or Assembly. 
A "KIT" Following the Part Description indicates it's a Kit and is a link to the Kit Parts List Page
A "PDS" at the far right is a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.

Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.

The initial list is in OEM part number Sequence, use the up arrows up arrow image before the Signet
Part Number or OEM Part Number to re-sort the list.
up arrow OEM PN Picture DWG u arrow Signet Part # Part Description KIT PDS
110044044-044020KV Feedthrough
112758044-2758Arc Chamber, Complete Assembly
120008044-0080Retaining Rod
120032044-0032Filament Mounting Screw
120032144-8993Filament Mounting Screw
1200321 Ref.40-8993Filament Mounting Screw
170031044-7003Filament Clamp
1703283044-3283Insulating Bushing
1703317044-3317Filament Strap
1703644044-3644Retaining Rod, Tantalum
1703667044-3667Gas Plenum-A/C Rear Plate
17036670 Ref.40-3667A/C Rear Plate, Gas only, NV20A
1703768044-3768Extraction ElectrodePDS
1703772044-3772High Voltage AperturePDS
1704387044-4387Filament Clamp
1704887044-4887Arc Chamber Front Plate
170494044-0494Curved Field BlockPDS
170499044-0499Arc Chamber Side Plate
1704990 Ref.74-0499Side Plate, W
170500044-0500Arc Chamber Rear Plate
170500140-0500A/C Rear Plate w/o Solid Source Inlet
170503044-0503Arc Chamber Mount
1706234044-2340Replacement High Energy ElectrodePDS
17062350 Ref.40-2350Extraction Electrode Plate ModifiedPDS
170638044-0638Nozzle Retainer, 5ppm
170644044-0644Arc Chamber End Plate Shield
17072941 Ref.40-8984Repeller Stud 10-32 x 1 3/32
170776044-0776Filament .090" dia x 5" Long
170867044-0867Arc Chamber End Plate
170868044-0868Insulating Bushing, A/C
1708680 Ref.40-0868Repeller Insulator Spacer
170946044-0946Spacer, S/SPDS
17100430 Ref.40-8983Repeller Assembly, Mo
1711961074-9610Filament Mounting Screw - W
171207044-1207Single Gas ElectrodePDS
1712341044-3410Insulator Short
1712342044-3420Insulator, LongPDS
17123430 Ref.40-3430Retainer, Alumina
171304044-1304Source Shield TabPDS
171748044-1748Arc Chamber Front Plate
171795044-1795Beam AperturePDS
171860044-1860Source Cooling Tube
174009044-4009Beam Defining PlatePDS
174012044-4012Liner Shield, GraphitePDS
174029044-4029Gas feed tube
174029140-4029Gas Feed Tube, Enhanced
174455044-4455Beam PlatePDS
176910044-6910Bias PlatePDS
178980044-8980Filament Clamp
1789800 Ref.40-8980-1Filament Clamp, EnhancedPDS
178981044-8981Arc Chamber End Plate
178982044-8982Filament Shield
178983044-8983Repeller Plate
178984044-8984Repeller Mounting ScrewPDS
178987044-8987Arc Chamber Mount
178988044-8988Electric Strap
178989044-8989Electric Strap
179042044-9042Repeller Shield
1790420 Ref.40-9042-2Repeller Cup Shield, Ta
179556044-9556A/C Top Plate
17S343244-3432Arc Chamber Front Slit
190040044-0040Electron Shower Filament
330000244-3302Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" GlassPDS
3300002 Ref.44-3302SIon Gauge Tube Vacuum SealedPDS
330000837-2518TC Vacuum Gauge Tube
330004444-0044TC Gauge Tube
350002602-0110O-Ring, Buna
350002702-0214O-Ring, Buna
350002802-0364O-Ring, Buna
350006702-0136O-Ring, Buna
350007602-0010O-Ring, Buna
400005944-0059Retaining Rod Spring
430003144-0031Retaining Rod Clip
440000103-103710-32 X 3/8 SHC
440000303-102510-32 X 1/4 SHC
440000703-1W00#10 Washer, Flat
440004103-1WS0#10 Washer, Split
440004203-87508-32 X 1/2 BH
440010303-66376-32 X 3/8 CPS
500002437-6007Standoff, 1/2D X 5/8L, 8-32
500013237-6042Standoff, 3/8D X 3/8 L,6-32
5000132 Ref.30-6042Standoff, C/B 3/8D X 3/8L, 6-32PDS
N/A40-0001Replacement Low Energy ElectrodePDS
N/A40-0751Ion Gauge Tube Adaptor, 3/4" to 1"PDS
Ref. 171748140-1748SArc Chamber Front Plate Shim
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