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Parts List for Nissin Implanters Systems
A small picture following the Signet part number is a link to the Part Picture page. 
A "DWG" Following the PIC Column indicates a link to a Drawing of the Part or Assembly. 
A "KIT" Following the Part Description indicates it's a Kit and is a link to the Kit Parts List Page
A "PDS" at the far right is a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.

Notes: A "Ref." following an OEM part number indicates that the Signet Products part can
replace the OEM part and that it is not the original design but rather it is an improved design.

The initial list is in OEM part number Sequence, use the up arrows up arrow image before the Signet
Part Number or OEM Part Number to re-sort the list.
up arrow OEM PN Picture DWG u arrow Signet Part # Part Description KIT PDS
N/A37-1200Retaining StudPDS
N/A21-4918Nozzle Guide
N/A03-40374-40 X 3/8 SHC
N/A03-6TN0Knurled Thumb Nut 6-32
N/A30-1200Retaining StudPDS
N/A20-1520HV Electrode, Graphite
NID-0318720-3187Ground Electrode
NID-03187 Ref.37-5396High Voltage ElectrodePDS
NID-0318820-3188Extraction Electrode Assembly
NID-08981 Ref.32-5393Mo Fil. Con. Rod w/Ta ScrewPDS
NIE-0139420-1394Isolation Ring (1)
NIE-01394 Ref.37-8488Filament Insulator Insert
NIE-0139520-1395Isolation Ring (2)
NIE-01395 Ref.37-8883Filament Insulator
NIE-0139637-7155NCopper Clamp, M-3 tapped holes
NIE-0139821-1398Heat Shield Collar
NIE-01398 Ref.21-1396-1Retainer s/s w/4-40 MoS2 Screws
NIE-0139921-1399Shaft Spacer
NIE-01402 Ref.47-7159Silver Connector Strap
NIE-01403 Ref.47-7155Silver Clamp
NIE-0140421-1404A/C Support Bar
NIE-01482 Ref.30-6042Standoff, C/B 3/8D X 3/8L, 6-32PDS
NIE-0155201-MB406M4-0.7 X 6 CPS Center Vented
NIE-0155320-1553HV Electrode, Graphite
NIE-0155420-1554Extraction Electrode Spacer
NIE-02414 Ref.50-9192Hitch Pin Clip, pkg. of 50
NIE-02514 Ref.37-9192Hitch Pin Clip
NIE-0418220-4182Support Plate Spacer
NIE-04182 Ref.30-6042SSpacer Cup ShieldPDS
NIE-0589637-0493NSource Housing HV Feedthrough
NIE-083332 Ref.20-3332Support Plate/Adapter
NIE-0898120-8981Filament Feed Rod
NIE-09987420-9974Support Plate
NIE-10012 Ref.30-5004A/C Front Plate (4714)
NIE-10012 Ref.30-5005A/C Main Body with Vaporisor Guide
NIE-1516820-5108Gas Feed Pipe
NIE-15168 Ref.20-5168Gas Feed Tube/Domestic A/C
TG-55020-0550Thermocouple Gauge Tube, TG-550
TG-550B20-550BThermocouple Gauge Tube, TG-550B
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