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Signet PN
Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Glass44-3302APDS
Ion Gauge Tube Adaptor, 3/4" to 1"40-0751PDS
Agilent-Varian0564-K2500-303Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, 2.75 CFF33-5643PDS
Agilent-Varian0571-K2471-304Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Glass, IR Fil.37-5714PDS
Novellus27-229705-00Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, 1 inch Glass33-5641PDS
Axcelis3300002Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Glass44-3302PDS
Axcelis3300002 Ref.Ion Gauge Tube Vacuum Sealed44-3302SPDS
Applied Mat'l.3310-0104Ion Gauge Tube72-0104PDS
Applied Matl.3310-0104Ion Gauge Tube33-5632PDS
Applied Mat'l.3310-01081 Ref.Rebuild Nude UHV Ion Gauge70-1081RPDS
Applied Matl.3310-90003Ion Gauge Tube, 1" Glass37-5319PDS
AMAT-VSEA5300019Ion Gauge Tube, 1" Glass37-5319PDS
AMAT-VSEA5300019 Ref.Ion Gauge Tube, 1" Glass, w tabs37-5319APDS
Axcelis7631-0001-0002Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Kovar TT44-7631PDS
Axcelis7631-0001-0002 Ref.Ion Gauge Tube, TT, 2.75 CFF44-7631CFFPDS
AMAT-VSEAE37000094 Ref.Rebuild Nude UHV Ion Gauge30-0094RPDS
AMAT-VSEAK2466302Ion Gauge Tube72-0104PDS
Agilent-VarianK2466302Ion Gauge Tube33-5632PDS
Agilent-VarianK2466305Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4 Kovar, IR Filament33-5635PDS
Agilent-VarianK2471302Ion Gauge Tube, I" Kovar, IR Fil.33-71302PDS
AMAT-VSEAK2471304Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Glass, IR Fil.37-5714PDS
Agilent-VarianK2471305Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4 Kovar, IR filament 33-5635K
Agilent-VarianK2500301Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, 1 inch Glass33-5641PDS
Agilent-VarianK2500302Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, 1 inch Kovar33-5645PDS
Agilent-VarianK2500304Ion Gauge, 2 75 CFF Dual Fil.33-56404PDS
Agilent-VarianK2500311Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, NW4033-5644PDS
NovellusK2500311Ion Gauge, Broad-Range, NW4033-5644PDS
Agilent-VarianK7360301Ion Gauge Tube, 1" Glass37-5319PDS
Agilent-VarianK7360302Ion Gauge Tube, 1" Kovar TT33-572KPDS
Agilent-VarianK7360303Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Glass44-3302PDS
Agilent-VarianK7360304Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4" Kovar TT44-7631PDS
Agilent-VarianK7360307Ion Gauge Tube, TT, 2.75 CFF44-7631CFFPDS
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