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Signet Part Nbr 5101 - Emcore - E400 Heater Clamp Kit Assembly
This Signet design uses stainless bolts and nuts to clamp the Moly components. This provides excellent electrical conductivity and minimizes heat transfer.
A "PDS" for a part indicates a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.
OEM Part Nbr QTY Part Description Part Image Signet PN PDS
6Buss Rod w/ Washer, Mo51-3975PDS
2Clamp, Inner Heater, Assy51-3971PDS
10039672E400 Clamp, Middle Heater, Mo51-3967PDS
10039662Clamp, Outer Heater for E400 Assy51-3966PDS
14#8 Washer, Flat03-8W00
148-32 Hex Nut03-8N00
148-32 x 5/8 SHC03-8062
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