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Signet Part Nbr 1088C - EAT - 6200 Bernas Conversion Kit
A "PDS" for a part indicates a link to a Signet Product Data Sheet in PDF format.
OEM Part Nbr QTY Part Description Part Image Signet PN PDS
1Modify Corona Shield40-0934XPDS
N/A26-32 X 3/8 SHC WS2 Coated03-6037W
440010026-32 X 1/2 SHC03-6050
44002322Washer #6, Flat03-6W00
4Insulator, Alumina30-1132-3PDS
4Alumina Bushing, .050" Hub30-7280CPDS
2Repeller Stud, 10-32 x 3/4 Moly30-8984PDS
1Fil. Bus Assy., Bernas, Ag, RIGHT40-0369RS
26-32 x 1.437 SHC modified-WS2 coated03-60150-1W
5880-0689-0001 Ref.1Plate, Mtg. A/C40-0563-1
17100430 Ref.1Repeller, Short, Graphite40-8983-3PDS
2Filament Mounting Screw40-52151PDS
N/A1Main Body, w/1/8 ID gas inlet40-8000APDS
1Front Plate, f/aperture40-8001APDS
1Filament, Bernas .040" 40-8002PDS
1Aperture, Replacement40-8005
N/A1Plate Assy. single gas inlet40-8006PDS
1Gas Feed Tube, Ta Tip40-8007BPDS
1Fil. Bus Assy., Bernas, Ag, LEFT40-0369S
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