Parts List for VSEA 300XP, 350D & 350DE Systems
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0493000137-0493Electrode Feedthrough Assy.
0695500137-6955Pivot Pin
0713900137-7139Connector, 1/8T X 1/8 NPT
0714000137-7140Arc Chamber Support Plate
07140001 Ref.30-7140Arc Chamber Support Plate, Dual
0714200137-7142Seal Bearing
0714500137-7145Heat Shield
0714900137-7149Support Tube
07155001PIC37-7155Copper Clamp
07155001 Ref.30-7155Stainless Steel Clamp
07155001 Ref.47-7155Silver Clamp
07159001 Ref.47-7159Silver Connector Strap
0715900505-7159Copper Connector Strap
0726900137-7269Feed through Shaft
0828200137-8282Aperture Slit
0848500137-8485Filament Feed Rod
0848600137-8486Compression Collar
0848800137-8488Filament Insulator Insert
08488001 Ref.73-8488Insulator Insert, Ta
0849300137-8493Support Plate
0849400137-8494Gas Feed Tube SST
08494001 Ref.31-8494Gas Feed Tube, Enhanced
0849500137-8495Back Plate
0850000137-8500Cover, Blank
08883001PIC37-8883Filament Insulator
09192001PIC37-9192Hitch Pin Clip
0919205050-9192Hitch Pin Clip, pkg. of 50
09351001PIC37-9351Arc Chamber End Cap
10120000137-1200Retaining Stud
1211200605 Ref.00-61316-32 X 5/16 PFH Thread Vented
121120600803-1A5010-32 X 1/2 SFH
123111061403-60876-32 X 7/8 SHC
123111601203-107510-32 X 3/4 SHC
123120040603-40374-40 X 3/8 SHC
123120060403-60256-32 X 1/4 SHC
123120060803-60506-32 X 1/2 SHC
123120080803-80508-32 X 1/2 SHC
1231200808 Ref.00-80508-32 X 1/2 SHC Thread Vented
123120140803-30501/4-20 X 1/2 SHC
123620041003-47624-40 X 5/8 BH
1236200604 Ref.00-67256-32 X 1/4 BHV
123620060803-67506-32 X 1/2 BH
123620080803-87508-32 X 1/2 BH
1312200600 Ref.03-6TN16-32 Molybdenum Nut
131220080003-8N008-32 Hex Nut
141220060003-6W00Washer #6, Flat
142111100003-1WS0#10 Washer, Split
254220437-2204O-Ring, Viton (R) /02-1204
254223037-2230O-Ring, Viton (R)
254234837-2348O-Ring, Viton (R)
255302437-3024Shaft Spacer, 1/4"I.D.
255306237-3062Collar, 1/4"I.D.
255307437-3074Collar, 3/8"I.D.
280803837-803810-32 X 1 1/2 inch Threaded Rod
280806737-80671/4-20 X 1-1/2 Inch Brass Threaded Rod
280809237-8092SHC 6-32 X 1/4 Screw, Ta
286508637-5086Ceramic Standoff
286600137-6001Standoff, 3/8D X 5/8L, 6-32
2866007PIC37-6007Standoff, 1/2D X 5/8L, 8-32
286601637-6016Standoff, 3/4D X 1 1/4 L, 10-32
286601737-6017Standoff, 3/4D X 1 1/2 L, 10-32
2866042PIC37-6042Standoff, 3/8D X 3/8 L,6-32
2866042 Ref.30-6042Standoff, C/B 3/8D X 3/8L, 6-32
332080801-80508-32 X 1/2 SHC Center Vented
333060401-6A256-32 X 1/4 SFH Center Vented
5300019PIC37-5319Ion Gauge Tube, 1" Glass
609500537-5005Tantalum Wire, .030" Dia. per Foot
E1107127037-7127Pumping Tube Assy.
E1706046037-60460Fil. Connector Rod, Short
E1706046137-60461Fil. Connector Rod, Long
E1706052037-6052Insulator, Fil. Insert
E1706111037-6111Insert, Filament, TA
E17061180 Ref.30-6118Bernas Filament, no Flats
E1706125037-6125Screw, Machined, Ta
E1706174037-6174A/C Base
E17061740 Ref.30-6174A/C Base w/o Solid Source Inlet
E1706175037-6175Cover, Arc Chamber, Bernas
E4700001903-60626-32 X 5/8 SHC
E470000503-40624-40 X 5/8 SHC
E59000003PIC37-6042Standoff, 3/8D X 3/8 L,6-32
F141300137-1413Screw, Processed
F141305050-1413Screw, Processed, pkg. of 50
F251800137-2518TC Vacuum Gauge Tube
F538800150-7159Copper Strap Kit, 10 each Size
F5391001 Ref.30-5391Ion Source
F539200137-5392Arc Chamber
F5392001 Ref.30-5392Arc Chamber, w/o Solid Source Inlet
F5392001 Ref.30-5009Front Plate for 30-5010 Aperture
F5392001 Ref.30-5001A/C Front Plate (5392)
F5392001 Ref.30-5000AMain Body with Solid Source Inlet
F5392001 Ref.30-5000Arc Chamber
F5392001 Ref.PIC30-5010Aperture for 30-5009 Front Plate
F539300137-5393Fil. Con. Rod w/Processed Screw
F5393001 Ref.32-5393-1Mo Fil. Con. Rod w/Processed Screw
F5393001 Ref.32-5393Mo Fil. Con. Rod w/Ta Screw
F539500137-5395Ground Electrode
F5395001 Ref.30-5395GGraphite Insert Replacement
F5395001 Ref.30-5395SInsulator Shield
F5395001 Ref.30-5395TExtraction Alignment tool
F5395001 Ref.30-5395-7Extraction Assembly, Enhanced
F5395001 Ref.37-5395AG. Electrode w/Pivot Pin installed
F539600137-5396High Voltage Electrode
F5396001 Ref.31-5396High Voltage Electrode, Moly
F539700137-5397Electrode Support Plate
F5397001 Ref30-5397Electrode Support Assembly
F539800137-5398Ground Electrode Snout
F539900137-0399H.V. Electrode Spacer
F540300137-5403Graphite Defining Aperture
F573200137-5732Shield, Graphite, curved
N/A1010Major Source Kit
N/A30-0025-18-32 X 1/4 Thumb Screw, Ta
N/APIC1004Filament Replacement Kit
N/A1050A/C Conversion Kit (5392)
N/APIC1101Filament Replacement Kit
N/A30-5733Beam Liner Flat
N/A30-5732Beam Liner curved
N/A37-10932Hex Balldriver Kit, Model BLX 8
N/A03-6TN0Knurled Thumb Nut 6-32
N/A30-5805Beam Liner Base
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